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How Can You Sleep At Night?

We Find You Guilty Of A Monstrous Evil


      We’re a group of parents and grandparents who are DISGUSTED with all the sex, violence, killings, vulgar humour, profanity, perversion, filth and sleaze you allow your companies to spew forth on our children.

      We’re OUTRAGED that the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE OF THE TRAGIC CONSEQUENCES is not being publicized so you are able to get away with denying the horrendous harm you are causing. For example:

You’re Teaching Children That Violence Is Acceptable

The National Institute of Mental Health has over 1000 studies showing TV violence increases violence among children. When one rural town began receiving TV signals, violent behaviour among children jumped 160 percent within the next 2 years. The American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry all agree: violence in entertainment is increasing violence among children, making them less sensitive to real-life violence and more likely to consider violence an answer to conflict.

You’re Encouraging Kids To Use Drugs

        A University of Michigan study has found that the music industry has been “an important determinant” of increased use of drugs by teenagers. 67 percent of adults surveyed say TV, movies, magazines and music encourage the illegal use of drugs. 76 percent of 12- to 17-year olds report that the entertainment industry encourages drug use.

You’re Leading Children To An Early Sex

        One poll of children between the ages of 10 and 16 found that 62 percent said sex on television and in movies influences children to have sex. 77 percent said there is too much sex before marriage on TV. A U.S. Senator says, “Steamy sex scenes, crude innuendo and outright obscenities – material we never even imagined being on commercial television – are now the nightly norm.” He said sex is being sold to children “not only as desirable, but good, regular and normal.

You’re Causing A Teenage Venereal Disease Epidemic

        The Institute of Medicine has issued a major report titled “The Hidden Epidemic,” which says our mass media encourage the con-duct responsible for a Sexually Transmitted Disease Epidemic. The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates approximately three million teenagers contract a venereal disease EACH YEAR!

Your Role In School Shootings

        A 1999 survey found that two-thirds of America’s teens think violence in television and music is “partially responsible for crimes like the Littleton shootings.” An Associated Press poll found that Americans’ top choice for effectively stopping school violence is reducing violence in popular entertainment. “Meet The Press” reported that the Littleton killers idolized the music of shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, who’s songs brazenly encourage shooting.

Your Role In Teen Suicides

As long ago as 1995 the National Education Association warned that many of the 5000 teenage suicides each year are linked to depression fueled by fatalistic music and lyrics.

We’re Not Going To Let You Deny The Truth Any Longer!

We know there is a massive number of studies, reports and polls like those above that make crystal clear the horrendous consequences caused by entertainment companies. We’re outrage that Hollywood spokesman Jack Valenti is being paid over $1 million a year to DENY the consequences and DIVERT CRITICISM from film and TV companies… and that the record industry’s spokesperson DENIES the tragic consequences caused by music lyrics. No consequences?

        A 19-year old boy shot and killed a state trooper. His lawyer said he’d been under the spell of a music album’s cop-killer lyrics

Two teenagers are convicted of murder. They say they were inspired to kill by a movie.

A boy who killed himself left a suicide note telling his family to watch a TV show to understand what prompted his decision to end his life.

A 15-year old boy accused of sexually abusing his 8-year old half-sister says he got the idea from watching a TV show.

Three teenage boys murder and then rape a 15-year old girl. One of the boys said they inspired by the music of a heavy-metal band.

No consequences? We say SHAME on the heads of companies who look the other way and allow entertainment like this.

Parents and Grandparents: It’s Up To Us!

We Must Get Them To Stop

If what you read above angers you as much as it does us, now you can do something to stop it. Actually and literally. And here’s how:

Accuracy in Media (AIM), America’s oldest news watchdog organization, angered because the news media are not telling the public the shocking facts revealed on this page, is paying for ads like this so YOU, armed with the TRUTH, can bring your influence to bear on your local TV and radio stations and their

advertisers demanding they stop airing material destructive of the morals, health and lives of America’s children.

Outraged Parents of America will provide you with the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE plus the advice and support that will help you bring about change. It costs nothing to join. You can join by writing us, or calling the toll free number below, requesting information on how you can become a volunteer in this vital program.


Outraged Parents of America,

Dept 4, 4455 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 330, Washington, DC 20008  -  1-800-644-4453



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