Mr. President, I am Carlo Peroni, President of the World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities.  Thank you for allowing me to address this historic gathering.  The World Forum is an umbrella organization of approximately thirty, hunting, sport shooting and firearms, and ammunition manufacturers associations.      

 Mr. President, The World Forum supports the efforts of the United Nations to stop the proliferation of illegal small arms and to fight against organised criminality.   We are a pro-active organisation. We seek not to oppose, but to assist.

 Over the past two years we have held three workshops to assist the UN in its efforts.  The latest of these was in London April 27, at the Imperial War Museum.  Copies of our reports, on firearms marking and the definition of a weapon of war, are available for you use.

 Mr. President, many of you are aware the proposal the firearms manufacturers have made to create a system of self-regulation on the marking and tracing of firearms.  I am pleased to say that this is our initiative.   We look forward to working with you and especially other member States that have also concentrated on these matters.   

 Mr. President I will leave to other members of the firearms community the task of making more extensive statements.  I will conclude by saying that you have my best wishes and support in your efforts for a successful Conference.  Thank you.



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