If, at the personal level of the perpetrator and the victim, there are two ‘sides’ then as a Police Officer who devoted over thirty years service to public safety I have seen both sides at first hand.

 But here today in this Conference I do not believe there are any ‘sides’.  All of us stand against the illicit.  The people for whom I speak, i.e. the legal firearms community, support the desire of this Conference to reduce, if not eliminate, suffering caused by armed conflict.

 However, in pursuing that noble objective those same people would not want you to unwittingly make legitimate hunters and sporting shooters victims of the process.  They are not the problem, but could be part of the solution.

Hunters and sporting shooters hold a wealth of technical knowledge which would be helpful to all of us – not only in respect of marking and recording, but also in other facets of the Proposed Program of Action.

 Like many of you I am a parent and grandparent.  I have no wish to see any of your or my offspring suffer in whatever context.

 Equally I wish my children and grandchildren to peacefully enjoy their heritage and to continue to participate in activities which have a long and honourable history.

I urge you to fight the illicit wherever it appears and offer the full support of those for whom I speak in your efforts.

 But in so doing I also urge you not to damage legitimate hunting and sporting shooting.

 I believe that in the preamble you should acknowledge the legitimate use or possession of firearms by individuals for, inter alia, hunting, sport shooting and collecting and you should ensure that nothing in the Program of Action should diminish or affect such interests or rights.


Patrick W Johnson

British Shooting Sports Council

PO Box 11

Bexhill on Sea

England      TN40 1AH

Tele/Fax    0044 (0) 1424 217031

Email    patjbssc@aol.com



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