The appeal of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia to the delegates gathered here at this conference is that each government and law enforcement agency should seek to form a partnership with the hunters, collectors, and shooting sports so that we can all help in making our world a safer place.

We submit that the focus should be on having an impact on the illicit activities surrounding small arms.

It is disappointing that some see this effort as a, "you and us situation" but I point out that we are the legitimate firearms community and are at least equal in our abhorrence of illicit activities. 

We are involved in safety training to many thousands of people from all walks of life and teach responsible use. We teach safe handling and storage. We are involved in many recreational and competitive shooting disciplines from local club to Olympic level. Our hunters are involved in working closely with national park authorities in programs that benefit endangered species.

Our collecting organizations can and do play a very useful role in helping law enforcement to solve crimes by identify unusual firearms or ammunition. We work closely with police and maintain a web site that lists stolen firearms and we have been instrumental in tracing a number of items.

We would like to see this conference make it clear that the firearms we use in our legal and legitimate recreational pursuits are protected so that the heritage that is ours can be passed on to future generations in a more peaceful world.

We have enjoyed working closely with Ambassador Lauriola in the development of the United Nations firearms protocol.

We are proud of our contribution to the United Nations and we will continue to offer the peoples of the world our skills and expertise in trying to make the world a better place for all to live. 

Keith Tidswell
Executive Director 
Sporting Shooters Association of Australia



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