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How is a high homocysteine level harmful?

High homocysteine levels in the blood can also cause cholesterol to change to something called oxidized low-density lipoprotein, which is more damaging to the arteries. In addition, high homocysteine levels can make blood clot more easily than it should, increasing the risk of blood vessel blockages. A blockage might cause you to have a stroke or a problem with blood flow. Up to 20% of people with heart disease have high homocysteine levels.

What causes a high homocysteine level?

Homocysteine is normally changed into other amino acids for use by the body. If your homocysteine level is too high, you may not have enough B vitamins to help this process. Or you may not have enough of the chemicals (enzymes) to process homocysteine.

The EXAMINATION has the following SECTIONS


1.               Ordinance, Licensing, Hunting Laws.
Hunters Handbook  -  NPA Hunting Guide  -  Ordinance itself


2.               Flora and Fauna.
Identification of species as to sex, category of game,  ie: (Protected, Ordinary, Unprotected, Specially protected etc). Also trophy evaluation and a few general questions.

Roberts Birdís of SA  -  Bushland Trees and Grasses  -  SA Antelope Field Guide


3.               Trophies and Trophy preparation.

Hunters Handbook covers this adequately


4.               Firearms.
The safe handling, care and maintenance and general firearm ethics.

Hunters Handbook


5.               Hunting Ethics and skills.
A short essay on Hunters Ethics as they apply to huntersí methods, the Landowner, the Game being hunted and the huntersí equipment. Bullet placement and effect is also examined

Hunters Handbook


6.               General.
First aid, snakebite etc.

Hunters Handbook





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